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Provável Oitava Temporada SPN

The first official hint at a future for Supernatural was from CW Network Head Mark Pedowitz in a comment to EOnline:

While both Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are contracted through season
eight, the CW has yet to make a decision about the fate of
Supernatural…or anything other show for that matter. “We are
considering everything for next year. We have made no determinations on
any of our shows,” CW Boss Mark Pedowitz tells us. “I’m very happy with
how Supernatural has done this year, in terms of ratings and
production.” He also says if they have more “juice” in them, he could
see it going on for “many, many years.” Our guess? It’s coming back

Para os céticos, eis aí a palavra de Mark Pedowitz, ninguém menos que o Presidente da CW. Ele está muito satisfeito com o desempenho de Supernatural, tanto quanto à produção quanto à audiência.

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